Professor Sue Pownall


Sue Pownall is Head of Sheffield Adult SLT Service, Honorary Professor at Sheffield Hallam University and the Academic Director for the Therapeutics and Palliative Care Directorate in Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

Sue is co-lead for the Yorkshire and Humber CRN AHP Specialty Group and also co-lead of the South Yorkshire CAHPR Hub. She represents RCSLT on the Intercollegiate Stroke working party and leads on development of the dysphagia section of the stroke guidelines.

Sue has been working as a Speech and Language Therapist in Sheffield since 1989. Her clinical specialism is in the area of dysphagia and she has extensive experience of working with patients who present with dysphagia resulting from a range of medical conditions, across clinical pathways and from both acute and community settings.

Sue is an active researcher with an interest in assessment and treatment interventions for dysphagia, health service research, implementation of research into clinical practice and educational approaches to skill sharing across professional boundaries.

Sue completed her PhD at the University of Sheffield in 2009 after investigating the management of patients presenting with dysphagia following stroke. Sue is currently collaborating on an international research study evaluating a new intervention for treating chronic dysphagia using electrical stimulation and a study exploring a portable assessment for identifying aspiration in people with swallowing problems.  Sue is also lead for a study exploring ways to optimize nutrition and hydration for residents with dysphagia in care homes.