Following the “Collaborate to Improve Care” Hackathon win last July for a team including D4D member Dr Martin Slovak, we are seeking input to help the development of a care home hearing screening technology.

Care home staff, healthcare scientists, patients, an audiologist and a quality manager worked together to demonstrate the value of multidisciplinary collaboration in healthcare innovation. The team won support from NHS England and the Innovation Agency, and are now seeking to take their development further.

The team focused on creating a tool for screening hearing problems in new care home residents. More than three quarters of people in care homes have hearing problems, many of which are undiagnosed and not managed, and which can have an impact on quality of life for the person.

If you are involved in care home care or management, or are a resident of a care home, or a family member, please help us to develop an effective hearing screening technology by sharing your knowledge and experience with us through our survey, here. We are also keen to hear from people who may wish to be involved in the project from a patient/carer perspective.