NIHR SME Consultation Event Friday 5th November 2021

NIHR is delighted to host a second face to face consultation specifically for small and medium enterprises’ (SMEs) in the digital health, artificial intelligence, medtech and in vitro diagnostics space. This is a forum for SMEs to share their views and experiences on how NIHR can better respond to their needs, whether they have worked with NIHR before or not. The intention is to identify improvements to the current approach and any new NIHR initiatives that SMEs could benefit from.

NIHR is well placed to support and collaborate with industry partners to help advance new treatments, products and interventions to patients and end users more rapidly. NIHR’s extensive research networks across both the health and care sectors, combined with strong engagement with patients and the public, places us at the interface with industry conducting research and innovation in the UK. For further information illustrating NIHR’s services to support industry please watch this short video.

The recent pandemic has highlighted the value of industry partnership across the research system and now is the moment to expand this and continue the positive impact for patients and the public in all health and care settings.

For more information and to register please click here