Case Studies

D4D currently has an active portfolio of over 30 projects across our Renal, Diabetes and Long-Term Neurological Conditions Themes, though since our inception we have been involved in well over 100 projects across a wider range of clinical areas. A selection of case studies of our work is presented below the links to our paediatric projects.

Paediatric Case Studies


D4D works to improve quality of life for people with long-term conditions of all ages. As a consequence, our activities include managing the Technology Innovation Transforming Child Health (TITCH) Network. TITCH focuses on the identification of areas of unment need where new technology could have an impact for child health, and also identifies where innovative technologies can lead to best clinical practice, and stimulates the adoption of these across the TITCH network.

For more information about the TITCH network click here or visit the dedicated website, here.


The Starworks Innovation Project is a research collaboration to bring together children with prostheses and their families together with key opinion leaders from the NHS, industry, clinical academia, and leading national research centres with capabilities in child prosthetics. To visit the Starworks page on our website for more information click here.

For more information about the 10 proof of concept projects funded by Starworks, click here.