Neurocare KnowHow – learning platform for carers

Learning platform developed for specialised skills and knowledge for carers looking after people with progressive neurological conditions

Project Partners

  • NIHR Devices for Dignity MedTech Co-operative
  • SiTRAN at The University of Sheffield
  • Optical Jukebox
  • Ammba

Health and Care Requirement

The project partnership identified a lack of accessible, flexible specialist training for care working supporting people living with progressive neurological conditions, reported to have the lowest health-related quality of life of any long-term condition (NHS England, 2019). With high job turnover rates in the care sector linked to lower access to affordable and impactful training, organisations such as the Neurological Alliance in there ‘Transforming Community Neurology’ report have advocated for up-skilling and flexible learning support for the Adult Social Care sector in England to improve knowledge and confidence within the care sector and positively impact health outcomes.

The Project Concept

Neurocare KnowHow is an online learning platform and web app that enables carers to develop specialist skills and knowledge about caring for people living with conditions such as motor neurone disease (MND), multiple sclerosis (MS) and Parkinson’s disease. Designed in partnership with carers and people living with progressive neurological conditions, the resource supports carers to access trusted information during a working day, as and when they need it, using artificial intelligence to create personalised ‘playlists’ of a range of learning resources. Resources within the prototype platform include short videos to share learning and skills, mini podcasts to deliver ‘knowledge doses’ quickly while on the move, and real-world experiences to support peer-learning.

D4D are providing: 

  • project management and bid-writing expertise
  • development of a public and patient involvement and engagement (PPIE) strategy
  • stakeholder engagement and communications
  • design and deliver of co-design workshop programme
  • market research and commercialisation strategy development

Next stage of development

Building on the prototype platform, the project team are currently engaging in next-stage co-design with carers, people living with progressive neurological conditions, and their families, to increase the technical capabilities of the platform and to create more learning resources focused on the topics of most importance to potential future users across the care sector.


This project has been awarded feasibility funding by Neurocare (Sheffield Hospital’s Charity).