GrowMedTech – Falls Risk Assessment

Project Partners

  • NIHR Devices for Dignity MedTech Co-operatives
  • University of Bradford
  • GrowMedTech
  • AMAT Performance

Health and Care Requirement

A survey commissioned by Age UK in 2019 found that worries about falls in older age is a priority for many, with 4.3 million respondents putting this at the top of their list of concerns. In England, people aged 65 and older have the highest risk of falling, with predicted numbers of hospital admissions per year due to falls are set to rise. It is becoming an increasing priority for health and social care providers and the wider society to invest in whole system approaches to falls prevention and early interventions to reduce the risk of falls and crucially reduce the risk of injurious falls.

The Project Concept

A partnership between an expert in movement biomechanics at the University of Bradford (Dr John Buckley) and a company specialising in athletic technique analysis (AMAT Performance) led to the concept of a new system for predicting fall risk among older people.

A Proof of Market Grow MedTech grant was awarded for Devices for Dignity to undertake a proof of market assessment to determine the clinical need for such a system, consult with proposed user groups about the optimal setting for use of the technology, and to explore mechanisms for market access.

“Our aim is to devise an early detection system that can ‘catch you before you fall’,” says Dr Buckley. “By spotting early on weaknesses in how a person performs simple everyday gait tasks, we can suggest interventions which could be key to delaying frailty.”

D4D are providing:

  • Proof of market and competitor analysis
  • User group consultation