This week is Nutrition and Hydration Awareness Week, a global movement to reinforce activities and engagement around nutrition and hydration as a fundamental element of maintaining health and wellbeing.

D4D is involved in many projects around nutrition and hydration, ranging from the development of technologies to assess silent aspiration (of food/fluids into the lungs), or to help regain safe swallowing function (Ampcare Effective Swallowing Protocol), through to work we have undertaken with lunch clubs for older people, and many projects around fluid levels and treatments for renal patients, for whom nutrition and hydration have to be tightly controlled at all times. Nutrition and hydration are a vital part of staying healthy and independent.

There are a range of events taking place this week around Sheffield Teaching Hospitals, including a dementia cafe, food tasting, displays and stalls at the canteens, and a range of online webinars. For more information you can download the full programme, here.