Apply by 4 September 2017 for up to £40k to develop novel continence technologies towards the market. 

D4D partners the IMPRESSplus (Incontinence Management and PRevention through Engineering and ScienceS) network are offering funding to support novel technologies across the full spectrum of technology readiness levels.

The network’s remit is broad but is focussed on step-change innovation – research which has the potential to bring significant changes to continence care rather than incremental improvements to existing technology.

Applications may address areas of need such as paediatrics, aging, and global health but we will also consider applications in any other area of need directly related in incontinence.

Up to £40,000 FEC (actual payment 80% FEC) will be granted to each successful application.

Funding Criteria:

These awards will be granted under EPSRC terms and conditions for FEC grants, plus the following:

Funding is designed to support staff and consumables costs for a 6 month project with a full-time post-doctoral researcher

Funding is not intended to support costs for the supervisory team

Project duration may be no longer than 6 months

Projects must end on or before 31st May 2018.

For more information and to apply, please visit IMPRESS’ website, here.