The Department of Health and Social Care, and the Office of Life Sciences are jointly inviting responses to their consultation on sharing data for the “NICE Technology Appraisals in the NHS in England”(Innovation Scorecard) publication. 

The “NICE Technology Appraisals in the NHS in England” (Innovation Scorecard) publication reports on the use of medicines and medical technologies in the NHS in England which have been positively appraised by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) since 2012.

NHS Digital has produced and published the Innovation Scorecard quarterly as an Official Statistic since January 2013 on behalf of the Office for Life Sciences. The Scorecard is produced using a range of data sources, some of which are entirely dependent on data provided by industry as there is currently no central data collection available.

This consultation is seeking views from companies who produce medical technologies, and diagnostic products, about sharing their data with NHS Digital so that it can be published on the Scorecard. This will enable wider awareness of what innovative products are available, improving patient access to these products and potentially increasing their adoption and uptake.

By data on innovative products they mean information on the number of units of medical technologies, diagnostic and digital products sold or bought, which they use as a proxy for uptake.

The consultation document can be found here, or can be filled in online here.