Registrations are invited for a conference being held in Brussels on 28 March which offers a forum and platform to learn about, debate, and offer constructive ideas about ways to manage the challenge of an ageing society.

For Healthcare managers, professionals and formal carers, the conference offers the opportunity to see how innovation can create better or more efficient processes which can help to free up time to concentrate on parts of the job which really matter, as well as the potential to reduce the strain on healthcare and local authority budgets.

For innovating businesses there is the opportunity to meet with potential buyers and commissioners and to learn about how to access routes to market in the UK, France, the Netherlands and Belgium whilst becoming aware of the similarities and differences in regulatory frameworks and commissioning approaches.

Academics with an interest in ageing, healthcare, innovation and similar will find interesting parties with which to discuss potential collaborations and research interests.

For policy makers the workshops and panel discussions offer a unique perspective on the silver economy and a roadmap to developing the silver economy across different regions.

The conference brings together an alliance of individuals and organisations with a shared interest in shaping how old age will look.  We believe it is a chance to add your voice to the growing swell of opinion, debate and action in this important area.

The conference is funded as part of an Interreg programme and as such there is no charge.  For more information and to register visit the conference website, here.