Emego will give you the ability to communicate with the world around you. Designed for people with sever disabilities such as motor neuron disease (MND), Emego is enabling people to use their voice through AAC software. 

Control your communication using only the slightest muscle movement with this smart EMG assistive switch. Available now.

This Class I medical device uses dry sensing technology which means no more uncomfortable skin preparation or gels and the Bluetooth LE wireless operation means Emego is truly wireless. Emego is body worn, small, light and can be used over extended periods, suitable for applications to detect muscle signals around the jaw, eye, and limbs.

Emego, designed and manufactured in the UK by GSPK Design, in collaboration with D4D, is developed to easily replace the switch. Accurately and repeatedly detecting a trigger from small muscle movement converting this artefact to a switching signal to interface with existing (eAT) equipment through a wireless connection to the base unit.

You can find out more about Emego through their website, where you can find a short film introducing the technology, or arrange to purchase the kit, here.

D4D are delighted that this technology is now available for purchase.