Find out about the last year of activity within our Starworks network – 2018 report now available. 

You can read about the funded proof-of-concept projects, our industry forums, and the added value we bring in supporting innovations in child prosthetics.

Since its inception, the Starworks Network has applied an inclusive and responsive approach to engaging the stakeholder community (including academics, clinicians, industry experts and, crucially, children and families), ensuring their voices shape the project direction as well as the research priorities it supports. This is evident in the project journey so far (where collaborative ‘Sandpit’ event themes were informed by an initial, multi-stakeholder needs assessment) and is also reflected in the diversity of Proof of Concept (PoC) projects that it has funded through an open application process. The projects cover a range of topics, including comfort, customisation, information needs and efficiency of electric limbs, and were approved by a multidisciplinary panel of judges, including representatives of related charities.

You can read the full report here: Starworks prosthetics network update.