Runner’s World magazine has recently published an article around the question: ‘If you peed a little when you ran, would you tell your doctor?’

40% of women replied to a survey conducted by the makers of the Elvie to say that they wouldn’t.

This news won’t be surprising to most doctors, or women themselves, despite between a quarter and a half of responders replying that they do leak when they laugh, run, or sneeze. This is a problem has been well known for years, but persists because of the taboo nature of incontinence, and a lack of education around what is ‘normal’ for a healthy pelvic floor.  A few years ago D4D commissioned this short video, Don’t Wee, to help introduce women to some information around their leakage and the benefits of exercises, which can often help women overcome their pelvic floor weakness. If you’d like to see the video, click here.

You can read the recent article in Runner’s World, here, which suggests some exercises that may be beneficial in helping women – active and otherwise – to have fewer leakage accidents in the future. You can also learn more about the Elvie device, here, a technology developed to assist with postnatal pelvic floor recovery, bladder control, and to potentially improve sexual experiences.

If you’re interested in technology development to support people with incontinence, have you considered attending the upcoming Institute of Mechanical Engineers conference, Incontinence: The Engineering Challenge XII, in London on 13-14 November 2019? Click here for information.