In our current situation with COVID-19 many people with long-term conditions will be especially anxious about their safety, care and access to services. 

Patient groups and charities both nationally and internationally are producing and providing invaluable adaptations to the standard NHS guidance, and are updating these regularly.

Kidney Care UK provide support and guidance to kidney patients, from those with new diagnoses, to those with kidney cancer, transplants, dialysis, advanced kidney injury (AKI) or kidney stones. For their most recent guidance visit their page, here.

Diabetes UK provide support in for people with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, and provide a ‘Know Your Risk’ tool (accessible here). Their guidance for people living with diabetes can be found here.

People with long-term neurological conditions, like people with kidney disease and/or diabetes, are known to be in the groups at increased risk from COVID-19. For those with Parkinson’s disease, motor neurone disease, multiple sclerosis or Alzheimers, various charities and patient groups are providing information:

Parkinson’s UK’s advice can be found by clicking here.

Alzheimer’s Society provide guidance through this page.

Multiple Sclerosis information can be found through the MS Society pages, here.

The MNDA provide information here.