New NIHR Report – multiple long-term conditions: making sense of the evidence & the future research agenda

The proportion of people with multiple conditions (multi-morbidity) is significant and rising.

A new report, led by the NIHR Centre for Engagement and Dissemination, has summarised existing research evidence about the burden, determinants, prevention, and treatment of people with multiple conditions and set out a future research agenda.

With multiple health conditions recognised as a strategic priority to the NIHR, the aim is to develop an evidence base which:

  • Identifies the problems and outcomes that matter most to people with multiple conditions and their carers, and how they would like to see services configured to meet their needs
  • Identifies and maps common clusters of disease and their trajectories among the population
  • Supports design and delivery of interventions to prevent people progressing from one long-term condition to developing more.
  • Delivers research that enables the health and social care system to take a patient-centred, whole person approach to the treatment and care for people with multiple conditions, including quality of life and wellbeing

You can access the report here