NIHR Devices for Dignity 2019 – 2021 Activity Report

NIHR Devices for Dignity has published an activity report outlining highlights and achievements during the last two years.

Professor Wendy Tindale commented “Despite the challenges presented by the global pandemic, Devices for Dignity has continued to deliver and thrive, adapting to working remotely with our national partners, and exceeding our annual objectives.

We have seen what can be achieved through partnerships between industry, academia, healthcare and patients and the public and this has further strengthened our belief in collaboration being at the core of successful medtech innovation.

We are optimistic about the next two years and we look forward to new successful partnerships which will deliver technologies to our patients and to frontline health and care. As always, we will ensure that we remain aligned with national priorities and with a core focus on dignity and independence across the life course”.

The report can be accessed here D4D_Activity_Report 2019-2021_Online