NIHR Devices for Dignity are pleased to announce the receipt of £125,000 from the NIHR to support extending the current portfolio to consider mental health as a component of multiple long-term conditions.

This is part of an award to six NIHR MedTech In-Vitro Co-operatives to add mental health research into their research programmes and develop a national network of experts dedicated to transforming mental health through new medical devices.

There are significant burdens associated with having a long-term condition and that these can impact on the emotional wellbeing of patients, carers and families. Relevant factors include coming to terms with the illness and it’s effects; living with it day-to-day; burden of repeat appointments, treatments and procedures; and effects on relationships.

This funding will allow us to work with expert stakeholders across the National D4D Network to identify areas in which we can provide the best mental health support through innovation and technology, and create an expert network that will continue to address these challenges in the future.

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