As we head towards the end of 2022, we thought it important to reflect on our projects and collaborations and the many achievements of D4D.

By continuing to bring together well-balanced teams of expert clinicians, academics, members of the public, carers, charities and industry and by developing our proven methodology we have continued to successfully develop technologies for people with long term conditions to address specific and validated unmet needs.

With a focus on our 3 clinical and 5 cross-cutting themes, we draw upon the knowledge and experience of not only the core team but our wider and ever-expanding networks.

Our success to date is demonstrated in the infographic below, which shows more detail of our work over the last 4 years. We’d like to take this opportunity the thank all of our wonderful past collaborators and look forward to the exciting projects the future may bring.

For continued updates on activity, please follow us on twitter at @Devices4Dignity