Partnerships with national charities announced

Devices for Dignity (D4D) is pleased to announce that it has entered partnerships with two national charities as part of its commitment to Patient and Public Involvement.

The fundamental aim of D4D is to deliver technology solutions to support people with long term conditions – and crucial to this aim is the ability to communicate and engage with the end users of the technology.

As part of our commitment to patient and public involvement, D4D has formed strategic partnerships with key charities operating in the same areas of healthcare in order to explore unmet clinical needs direct from the people who are best placed to identify them – patients and carers.

These partnerships, with the Bladder and Bowel Foundation and Assist UK, have been formed to ensure user needs and views remain at the centre of D4D’s ongoing strategy.

Robert Dixon, Chief Executive of Bladder & Bowel Foundation: “We look forward to the opportunity to work collaboratively with D4D in the future. We believe our ability to represent the views of bladder sufferers within the urinary continence work stream will add real value to both current and future projects.

“We would expect the collaboration to make a real difference in establishing an informed and definitive database of patient needs in this often neglected area of opportunity.”

Alan Norton, Chief Executive of Assist UK, said: “As a member of the D4D Independent Steering Committee, I have advised D4D from both the perspective of CEO of Assist UK and as a disabled person myself.

“D4D has demonstrated a clear commitment to understanding unmet need from a holistic point of view by involving users in all aspects of product design.”