D4D partner of the BIN@Sheffield conference – 10 November 2014

The University of Sheffield will be hosting the 5th international BIN@ conference at the Showroom Workstation in Sheffield on November 10th, 11th and 12th 2014. Devices for Dignity (D4D) will participate as one of the partners involved in the organisation of the event.

BIN@ is an informal international network of partners from across industry, academia, investment, incubation, business development and economic development agencies supporting the sharing of good practice and knowledge and promoting open innovation.

On the 11th November, D4D experts will participate in the “Health Design Hack” workshop. Two patient unmet needs validated by D4D will be analysed by workshop participants, who will be grouped into multi-disciplinary teams including clinicians, medical engineers and designers. The goal of the workshop is to create innovative concepts of devices that solve the patient need.

On the 12th November, D4D will lead the action tank “Improving patient care & outcomes” to discuss the process from the identification of unmet patient needs to the adoption of solutions to address these needs. Experts from D4D will describe the key factors essential to successful innovation in healthcare and will use real-world examples of successful collaborations delivering new medical devices and impacting patient care. Academic researchers, health professionals, companies and patients are invited to come along to discuss the pathway to successful healthcare innovation and discover how they can participate and be involved in the design, development and evaluation of new healthcare technologies bringing real solutions to patient need.

More information: www.binsheffield2014.com