MindTech 2014 Mental Health Technology Symposium – 24 November 2014

Mind The Gap – How can evidence keep pace with new technologies in mental healthcare?

MindTech 2014 Mental Health Technology Symposium

Date: Monday 24th November 2014
Venue: The Royal College of Physicians, London

Greater use of technology in mental healthcare has the potential to increase access, personalise care, reduce costs and improve outcomes. However:

  • Technology is changing more quickly than our ability to properly assess its application.
  • Substantial gaps exist in the evidence base underlying new technologies, especially regarding e-Mental Health and mobile applications. Much of what is currently available has not been evaluated.

MindTech 2014 brings together leaders in clinical practice, patient experience, academic research, industry and technology development to address the key challenges in building a faster evidence-base to support implementation of new technologies in mental healthcare.