My Dignity Means: A Patient-led Event

On 2 June 2015 Devices for Dignity held ‘My Dignity Means: A Patient-led Event‘. The day was the culmination of months of working closely with patients to build an event that gave people with long-term conditions (and their carers) the opportunity to tell the NHS and industry about their lived experiences, and their priorities for future product development. The event’s programme was based upon the 655 responses to the Independence and Dignity Survey that we conducted from February to May 2015. Since the event we’ve been busy following up on the priorities that attendees identified for us.

On 2 December we released a report on our Independence and Dignity Survey findings, the priorities identified at the event, and what we’ve been doing in the 6 months since our Patient-led Event. The report has been shared directly with attendees and survey responders, and is also available to download, here, from 2 December 2015. You can also download the survey for reference here.