Developing incontinence research workshop – survey

D4D is currently working with Parkinson’s UK and a group of medical research charities to develop a workshop aimed at increasing the amount of research into incontinence in people with long-term health conditions.

Incontinence has been highlighted as an important issue for patients, carers and health professionals. We want to encourage researchers to answer the questions which are most important to those people who live with, or treat, incontinence every day.

The purpose of the workshop is to provide advice and facilitate discussion for researchers who are considering, planning or actively seeking funding for incontinence research.

What do you think would make the workshop as effective as possible? We’d appreciate you taking 5 minutes to share your thoughts in this survey, here.

Please submit your comments by August 1, 2016. You can complete the survey anonymously, but please include your name and contact details if you would like to receive more information about the workshop.

Link to survey