Today is World Kidney Day, so today D4D will be sharing kidney facts all day through Twitter, in addition to working on a range of approaches to kidney care.

Today is World Kidney Day 2017 – how will you be raising awareness?

D4D has taken to Twitter for the day and will be sharing a range of kidney care and health facts to publicise the risks and realities of living with kidney disease, and to highlight the excellent work that patients, charities and clinicians do to support people who need it.

D4D has many active projects in the field of kidney care, from detection of acute kidney injury (AKI) which is thought to be potentially more deadly than heart attacks, to projects around dialysis, and patient perspectives of their care.  You can read about our work with Quanta Dialysis Technologies here, the BISTRO trial in which the value of bioimpedance is being assessed here, and a highly innovative project to remove fluid transdermally, here.