On Saturday 11 March 2017 we joined long-time collaborators CATCH (Centre for Assistive Technology and Connected Healthcare) at Sheffield’s Winter Gardens to demonstrate ‘health technologies of the future’ to the people of Sheffield. 

For this occasion, D4D asked children to become innovators – we asked for their thoughts on our projects and how we could address some unmet clinical needs that real people have brought to us.

The unmet clinical needs included a 5 year old boy whose prosthetic leg makes his stump sore, a wheelchair-using paediatric patient with cerebral palsy who needs to be able to do their physiotherapy, an adult with learning difficulties who doesn’t like things around their head but who needs to use glasses and hearing aids, and an elderly person with Parkinson’s who can’t manage their medication boxes. Over 50 children visited our stand at the event and shared their thoughts through Lego, drawings, and plasticene, including the wheelchair with built-in gamification shown here. We will be going through all the ideas over the coming weeks…thank you all for contributing!