The Starworks Innovation Project is a young people’s prosthetics research collaboration, which brings children and their families together with key opinion leaders from the NHS, Industry, Clinical Academia and leading National Research Centres with capabilities in child prosthetics.

Following a multi-stakeholder needs assessment, and a series of creative, collaborative ‘sandpit events’ (click here for more information), The Starworks Project opened a call for applications to ‘proof of concept’ funding to develop the seeds of ideas germinated through this exciting collaboration.

A total of 23 applications were received, 14 from academia, 7 from industry/SME’s and 2 from charities. The approach taken was to ask applicants to consider a co-design cross sector collaboration, with children and families at the centre of this. We believe this is evidenced in the high quality of applications received, most of which fully involve children and families.

A total of £429,323 was awarded across ten projects through the Starworks funding, which are described in more detail on through our Starworks pages, here.

The funding for Starworks was provided by the Department of Health.