Quanta’s SC+ haemodialysis system has been deployed to assist COVID-19 patients. 

Quanta delivered an initial batch of equipment and trained staff at the Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust, where SC+ has been used to treat COVID-19 patients in need of life- sustaining dialysis treatment in the intensive care unit (ICU). Equipment has also been supplied and training provided at Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust and Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

Up to a third of all patients hospitalised with COVID-19 will suffer from concomitant acute kidney failure, requiring life sustaining renal replacement therapy such as haemodialysis. Staff at Quanta have been working around the clock to support the urgent NHS demand for additional dialysis capacity, while Quanta’s key suppliers are also working additional shifts to increase production of both machines and consumables. SC+ has been designed for ease of use and, as part of this contract, Quanta has trained over 70 ICU nurses, all of whom have completed training in under six hours.

D4D were involved in early development of the system, and our Renal Theme Lead, Professor Sandip Mitra, Consultant Nephrologist at Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust, one of the deployment sites, is a member of their Medical Advisory Board. Sandip said:
“The introduction of the new SC+ device during the COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact in supporting critically ill patients developing kidney failure. As a versatile and compact dialysis machine, the SC+ system provides a wide range of renal replacement therapy options for ICUs, dialysis clinics and patients’ own homes. In the near term, rapidly increasing the use of home haemodialysis will also be crucial to reduce the risk of COVID-19 in dialysis patients.”

The full news item is available through Quanta’s website, here.