The Knowledge Transfer Network KTN has released their new strategy with clear commitments outlining how they will transform innovative ideas into real-world solutions over the next five years. 

D4D are beneficiaries of the KTN’s expertise and reach, in particular through the KTN’s Director Sue Dunkerton OBE who chairs our Steering Committee, and Knowledge Transfer Manager for Health Mehdi Tavakoli, whose expertise has benefitted our projects and direction.

From the KTN’s website, where you can access the full news item and links here:

The world is facing some huge challenges; climate change, Covid-19, access to healthcare, trade and investment, the future of global finance and online security – to name a few. Each of these challenges presents opportunities for innovation and the UK, working collaboratively between research, business, policy and investment, is well-placed to combat these locally, nationally and globally.

“Innovation is complex” says Dr Alicia Greated, CEO. “The journey from idea to market is not straightforward and requires a diverse range of know-how, investment, market knowledge and research. KTN exists to connect innovators with new partners and new opportunities beyond their existing thinking – accelerating the time it takes for ambitious ideas to become real-world solutions.”

KTN’s new identity is built on our purpose of connecting for positive change; we create the diverse connections that drive positive change through innovation.

The new 5-year strategy commits to focus not only on economic prosperity but also on societal and environmental benefit, starting with the goal to achieve net-zero carbon emissions. It commits to ensuring that KTN continues to embrace diversity and inclusion and it pledges that KTN will collaborate globally to create valuable international connections for innovators.

David Lawrence, chair of KTN’s Board commented “History tells us that innovation typically comes from new intersections between ideas, technologies and people. Innovation has never been more important to the UK than now. KTN and its network is committed to creating and fostering diverse connections to drive innovation for positive change to our economy, but also towards a more sustainable society. I am proud to be chairing this organisation which is dedicated to catalysing positive change across the entire spectrum of innovation.

Never has it been more important for us to connect across disciplines, experiences, expertise and geographies to drive the positive change that will change the world.