Is your research inclusive? Following discussions with key stakeholders, ongoing research, and hosting a series of events, the NIHR Clinical Research Network (CRN) INCLUDE Steering Group are pleased to share the following:

NIHR CRN INCLUDE Guidance (general)

NIHR CRN INCLUDE Guidance (COVID-19 specific)

Both resources are now available to download here.

The INCLUDE guidance has been designed to be used in conjunction with research, particularly in the early stages of setting-up. The guidance aims to get research teams thinking about ways of making health research more inclusive and to ensure under-served cohorts are more fairly represented in health research.

What will I find in the INCLUDE Guidance?
This guidance summarises what an under-served group is, provides a roadmap suggesting intervention points to improve inclusion, examples of under-served groups and example barriers to inclusion. It then offers a suggested framework of questions to guide the deliberations of funders, researchers and delivery teams as they design and assess clinical research proposals, and ends with examples of good practice and other resources to guide teams seeking to engage with, and improve inclusion of, under-served groups in clinical research.

You will note that the second INCLUDE guidance document is COVID-19 specific. This guidance has been tailored to specifically meet the needs of COVID-19 research.

Find out more about INCLUDE
To find out more about INCLUDE, please take a look at the NIHR CRN INCLUDE Project Summary which provides information to date on the INCLUDE project. Take a look at our new INCLUDE website for additional resources, information about partners and much more.

For enquiries or more information about INCLUDE, please contact Eleanor Anderson (NIHR CRN Project Coordinator) on