The King’s Fund, independently commissioned by the Academic Health Science Networks, have released a report on the development and uptake of digital technologies in the UK and Nordic countries.

While this research was completed before the Covid-19 crisis began, the findings articulate some of the questions services need to answer and the steps they need to follow to implement digital technologies effectively.

One finding from this and previous research is that technology has often been introduced conservatively in health services, with the aim of delivering small improvements rather than transforming how services are delivered. The case studies in the research highlight how digital technology can be harnessed to support more ambitious transformation of care, for example, overcoming some of the limitations of traditional models of care for long-term conditions and delivering more responsive care for people with unpredictable, cyclical conditions. Some of these innovations have allowed services to calibrate treatment more precisely for diseases that affect individuals in different ways.

You can find the report by clicking here.