Diabetes Theme

Theme Lead: Professor Simon Heller

D4D Theme Manager: Hayley Morris

One in 15 people in the UK have diabetes, including 1 million with Type-2 who haven’t yet been diagnosed (Diabetes UK, 2021). Health complications are common with diabetes contributing to risk of strokes, lower extremity amputations, eye disease and kidney failure (Diabetes UK, 2019).

This theme focuses on the barriers to technology adoption, and technology development to support more successful and empowered self-management to prevent disease complications.

Devices for Dignity have led unmet needs consultation, working with partners including Yorkshire & Humber AHSN and Diabetes UK, to understand priority themes for technology innovation including–

  • supporting the newly-diagnosed,
  • accurate monitoring of blood sugar levels,
  • mental health and maintaining motivation in self-management,
  • and engaging in physical activity.

Empowering people to self-manage their diabetes effectively