Renal Technologies Theme

Theme Lead: Professor Sandip Mitra

D4D Theme Manager: Abigail Needham

Kidney disease imposes human suffering and a disproportionate economic burden, costing the NHS £3.66 billion a year, or 2% of its budget. It is life changing and has a devastating impact of patients’ health, wellbeing and functional ability. There is no cure – once a kidney patient, always a kidney patient.

Kidney disease results in frequent hospital admissions and attendances, and high pre-disposition to infections and other diseases – approximately 30% of chronic kidney disease (CKD) and dialysis patients also have diabetes. CKD affects 7% of adults in the UK.

The D4D Renal Technologies theme aims to add ‘life to years‘ for people living with kidney failure through independence, empowerment and dignity for people of all ages across the lifecourse of kidney disease.

We are developing an innovative pipeline of technological solutions in kidney care to:

  • Add years to life for people living with kidney failure
  • Reduce kidney disease burden for patients and healthcare through independence, empowerment and dignity
  • Develop simpler and more affordable technologies that empower patients and support new models of care delivery closer to home
  • Design technologies that support earlier diagnosis, detection and safer systems
  • Address functional limitations in kidney patients with co-morbidities to promote independence and self-management

Patients leading innovation

SBRI Kidney Care Competition

Adding life to years for people with kidney disease